Program / Presentations

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Monday 8

Pascal Elahi – The GENESIS mock surveys
Ismael Ferrero – COLA mock catalogues for cosmological surveys
Sergio Contreras – Bias and Clustering Calculations Optimised: Maximising discovery with galaxy surveys
Ariel Sánchez – The information content of anisotropic galaxy clustering measurements
Alejandro Benitez-Llambay – Baryon-induced dark matter cores
Celeste Artale – Large-scale distribution of ionized metals in IllustrisTNG
Lucas Bignone – Non-parametric morphologies of galaxies in the EAGLE simulation
Gian Luigi Granato – Dust Evolution in Galaxy Cluster Simulations
Cinthia Ragone – BCG Mass Evolution in Cosmological Hydro-Simulations
Yetli Rosas – Bars in cosmological simulations

Tuesday 9

Christian Arnold – Simulations galaxy formation in f(R) modified gravity
Yan-Chuan Cai – Combined cosmological probes
Carlos Correa – Non-fiducial cosmological test from geometrical and dynamical distortions around voids
Enrique Paillas – Unveiling modified gravity with cosmic voids
Woijtek Hellwing – Breaking the cosmic degeneracies with non-standard probes
Joaquín Armijo – A marked correlation function to test gravity
Hong Guo – Formation of gas-rich galaxies and its connection to the dark matter halos
Julián Bautista – Simulations for Lyman-alpha forest
Martin Makler – Finding gravitational arcs in real and simulated images
Felipe Ramos – Globular Clusters in the Illustris Simulation
Yamila Yaryura – Associations of dwarft galaxies

Wednesday 10

Doris Stoppacher – A SAM perspective on massive galaxies at z=0.55 – Can we find traces of the galaxy assembly bias?
Kevin McCarthy – The Effects of Galaxy Assembly Bias on the Inference of Growth Rate from Redshift-Space Distortions
Facundo Rodriguez – Using mock catalogs to improve galaxy group finders
Esteban Jiménez – Halo occupation models and assembly bias in clustering predictions
Martha Lippich – Comparison of approximate methods for mock catalogues and covariance matrices
Nelson Padilla – Assembly bias and redshift space distortions
Diego Garcia Lambas – TBC
Dante Paz – Popcorn Voids: a new definition based on integrated density and free shape
Federico Dávila – Void Probability Function Inside Illustris Voids
Violeta Gonzalez-Perez – Mocks with [OII] emitterss
Elizabeth Gonzalez – Compact Groups analysis using weak gravitational lensing: CFHT Stripe 82 data
Federico Stasyszyn – Cosmic magnetic field growth with semi-analytic methods